Support Services

Veterans Upward Bound Project
University of Massachusetts/Boston
100 Morrissey Boulevard
Boston, Massachusetts 02125-3393
Telephone (617) 287-5873 Fax (617) 265-7173

Purpose: The University of Massachusetts Veterans Upward Bound Project provides men and women who served in the United States Armed Forces opportunities to acquire the skills and motivation necessary for their pursuit of post-secondary education. The project selects 120 veterans who live within commuting distance of UMass Boston to either participate in an on-going program of preparation for passing the GED examination or in one of the three 14-week class sessions which constitute programs leading to college enrollment, known as cycles. Cycles run September through December, January through April and May through August. Upon their selection, participants in the GED Program attend classes or receive tutorials as necessary for the passing of the GED examination. Participants who have a high school diploma or GED enroll in one of the three cycles to undergo a comprehensive orientation and to take classes in mathematics, science, Spanish, social studies, service learning, and composition and literature. These participants also learn to use personal computers and attend seminars covering topics leading to their development of individual plans for accomplishing educational, career and personal goals. Cycle participants also receive modest stipends monthly to help them meet incidental costs such as transportation. The program provides to all participants all textbooks and all school supplies, to include rulers, calculators, pencils, pens and notebook paper. All participants are authorized to use all of the University’s facilities, including its gymnasium, library, classrooms and laboratories upon presentation of an identification card issued through the project. All services are free to participants.

Benefits and Accomplishments: UMass Boston Veterans Upward Bound Project is an integral and very visible component of a multi-service veterans support network in the Boston area. It participates in a cross-referral process that allows for meeting a variety of needs any veteran seeking self-fulfillment and improvement may have. The projects outreach is one of many of the University’s efforts to serve its surrounding community.

Eligibility: Applications are accepted throughout the year. All applicants must be veterans. Applicants are further qualified on the basis of income, parents’ educational attainment (Did the applicant’s mother or father graduate from a four-year college or university?) and academic need.

Contact: To schedule a personal interview to obtain additional Information and to complete an application, please call or visit the project office between the hours of 8:3O a.m. and 7:00 p.m. The office is located in room 704, on the third floor of McCormack Hall on the UMass Boston campus. The telephone number is (617) 287-5870.

The University of Massachusetts Veterans Upward Bound Project operates on monies received from two sources: The U.S. Department of Education provides to the project a grant of $310,118, constituting 81% of its total budget of $382,118. The Commonwealth of Massachusetts provides to the project $72,000, which constitutes the remaining 19% of its total budget.