"A Silent Prayer":

The Veterans’ Recognition Ceremonial and Holiday Flag


"A Silent Prayer." This new flag title, symbol and theme honors all American veterans who sacrificed life, limb, mind, even fortunes, to defend and prosper America, from our Revolutionary veterans to our peacekeepers in Kosovo who will one day make up the Millennium’s new veteran population.


This flag and symbol will be flown under the American flag especially on Veterans’ Day and Memorial Day or any veterans’ observance where it would. be appropriate to promote the collective appreciation this country owes its veterans.


The praying infantryman appears in silhouette, representing no particular race, doctrine, or denomination. He does represent the spiritual side of America’s veterans. "A Silent Prayer" is not a war flag or a policy flag (i.e. POW/MIA); it perpetuates a collective, transcontinental, prayerful salute to all who served. 


The lone infantryman in a reverent, classic, prayer pose represents all veterans, especially those who served in the last half of the 20th century. His gear, an E—tool pack, helmet, and uniform were used in World War II, passed on to Korean veterans, and later used in Vietnam. The M16 rifle is the only weapon that started with the Vietnam forces and has since .been used by U. S. combatants in Granada, Panama, Desert Storm, and presently in Kosovo.


Other symbols on the flag are:


1. The colors


   Red For courage, bravery, service, sacrifice.


   Gold For patriotism.


   White For hope and light.


   Black For death and mourning.


2. The five stars represent the five armed forces: Army, Navy, Marine 

   Corps, Air Force and Coast Guard.


   Also, each star is equal to ten states. The arc of five stars depicts

   the union of the United States of America; The arc also stands for

   those who served and those who died for their country. The five stars

   are also a salute to the men and women who presently serve in our

   armed forces—— our future veterans.

The phrase "Thank you veterans" is a waving tribute from a grateful American public. America loves her veterans, and this line expresses her patriotism and appreciation to a special group of people who forever deserve our devotion and recognition.


The white circle enclosing the infantryman stands for hope or light in times of national darkness. And the artistic globe represents those places where our Veterans served, in times of peace, war, and rumors of war.


Symbols, wholesome patriotism, collective prayer, and free speech are all important to Americans. On Veterans’ Day, Memorial Day, or the Fourth of

July, let Americans exercise their freedoms by saying "A Silent Prayer" (Thank you, God), thank you veterans.


As the creator of "A Silent Prayer," it is my hope that veterans’ posts, civic, corporate, and post office buildings across America, as well as individual families, will display "A Silent Prayer" and fly this flag for spiritual as well as patriotic reasons on veterans’ holidays.