Michael Mulcahy
POW/MIA: Never Forgotten

Vietnam Combat Veterans, Ltd.
1267 Alma Court
San Jose, California 95112-5943

Dear Michael:
        Enclosed are the print-outs you requested of your friends Killed in Action from Lynn, Massachusetts.
        I want to thank you for sending me the cards with your poem "'17' VIETNAM". I think you deserve all the positive feedback you got when the WALL was at UMASS Boston. The words you wrote, without a doubt, reflect not only the anger within your own soul as a result of feeling, almost thirty years ago, that the majority of people in the country just didn't seem to either care or understand the magnitude of the sacrifices being made in Vietnam, but also reflects the anger I felt at the time along with hundreds of thousands of other Vietnam vets returning home at the time.
        While many of us were quite sure we would "hate you till the day I die", have discovered that it is/was impossible to live any kind of life with that kind of hate in our souls. I'm sure that it is a part of what caused so many brothers to take their own lives, feeling they had run out of options, and without coming to terms with whatever demons had been haunting them. Fortunately for many more of us, we dug deep in our own souls and searched for a way to deal with the anger and hate that was destroying us in other ways. It took many years, years that no one should have to spend in trying to figure out how life could go so wrong simply because we came forward to serve our country when called.
        An issue that was affecting everyone in the country, vets and non-vets alike. No one in the country seemed to be feeling good about living in the best country in the world.

        Thanks again, Michael, for taking the time to send me copies of your poem and for requesting the print-outs. I hope you are well and staying healthy.

        In Peace and Patriotism.

Vietnam Veterans of America
1224 M Street, NW
Washington, DC 20005-5183
Dear Mr. Mulcahy,

Thank you very much for writing and sending your poem, "'17' Vietnam". I found it to be very well done and very moving.

I am sorry, however, that only on the rarest of occasions do we publish poetry in The VVA Veteran. However, I would like to keep the poem on file here at Vietnam Veterans of America's national headquarters and share it with our staff and members.

The Editor
The VVA Veteran

Sparrowgrass Poetry Forum, Inc.
203 Diamond St., P.O. Box 193
Sistersville, WV 26175
I commend you for your effort  in sharing your poem with visitors to the Vietnam Veterans Memorial "Moving Wall" on Veteran's Day. We will check out your website too - thanks for providing the website address!

Jerome P. Welch

 WASHINGTON. D.C. 20036-5504
Dear Mr. Mulcahy:

Thank you for your recent letter and your interest in our efi’orts to account for those still missing from the war in Southeast Asia. We regret the delay in responding, but, we have only one full time staff member and a volunteer who works two days a week. It is also unfortunate that your poem was misplaced upon opening your letter or was not included with it. If you would send us another copy, we would be happy to determine if it is something we feel is appropriate for distribution from our organization..

Regarding the status of Lawrence Evert, William Skivington and James Philip Mason, they are all still unaccounted for from the war in Vietnam. If you would like to contact the families of these individuals you may do so in care of the League. To protect the privacy of the families, we do not give out there names and addresses, but would be happy to forward your letters.

Your interest in assisting the League in its efforts is greatly appreciated and we suggest you contact Maureen Dunn, 210 Grove Street, Randolph, MA 02368, the state coordinator in your area who will let you know how you can be of help at the local level.

Trudy Terla
Staff Assistant