Paradise on a Hanger Since 1990. Kitchen table start-up from sunny Crawford, Colorado (pop. 250). Steve cut out shirts. Curielle sewed at the kitchen table with Briana strapped in the backpack. Curielle figures she’s probably gone around the world twice with the miles that she’s put on her trusty Elna sewing machine. Generously sized with beautiful tagua nut buttons. 10% of the profits of Paradise on a Hanger are donated to Camp Rock... a not-for-profit camp for kids. Dedicated to the preservation of our oceans. 10% of profits go to protecting marine environments. Made in USA. 

Aloha means welcome: what I have you may have.
Loko maika’i means what I say comes from my heart.
Olu’olu means happy, doing for others, a Hawaiian heritage.
Ha’aha’a means humility and meekness; we’re happy to serve.
Aloha means love; near or far, you are always in our heart.

HAWAIIANA: Looking to surf the net about Hawaii before you surf the waves when you get there? Hawaii Visitors and Convention Bureau -, Hawaii State Vacation Planner - and for da kine shirts!

HAWAIIANA: Molokai, the Friendly Isle, is the birthplace of the hula. Home to Hawaii’s highest waterfall, the world’s tallest seacliffs, the greatest collection of ancient fishponds and locals who still talk pidgin; if you want “da fo real brah” Hawaii... this is the island! 

HAWAIIANA: the first tourism in Hawaii began in the 1860s with the lava at Kilauea attracting visitors. Tourists would ride 29 miles on horseback from Hilo to peer into the boiling fires of Halemaumau. A grass building was built on the Halemaumau Crater rim to shelter these adventure seekers. It was Hawaii’s first tourist hotel.

HAWAIIANA: In the early 1900s steamships were Hawaii’s tourism life line. It took 4-1/2 days to sail from San Francisco to Honolulu. The renown Matson Line provided the majority of this first class service to the islands. Beginning in 1936 visitors were able to fly to Honolulu on the Hawaii Clipper for $360 each way. Life on the islands was rapidly changing!

HAWAIIANA: Honolulu is second only to San Francisco in restaurant spending but the locals’ favorite meat is Spam.

HAWAIIANA: VOG Volcanic smog, caused by gases released when molten lava from the continuous eruption on the Big Island of Hawaii pours into the ocean. An almost daily part of life in Kailua-Kona, home to the world’s longest continually erupting volcano.

Approximately 650 species of fish are known to inhabit the waters of the Hawaiian Islands. Of these, approximately 450 species stay close to the reef and inshore areas... GET YOUR SNORKEL and let’s GO!